Thursday, January 27, 2011

Underdog Classic Strategy Games of 1984

What is it about Input that made me love it right from the start. Is it the similarity to a capture game like chess? The fact that it looks like a Nintendo/Star Trek TNG hybrid game console prototype? Or is it the ties to computer hacking, password cracking, etc? Well, all of the above of course. Such good memories playing this one as a kid.
The game is somewhat easy to find and Almost always comes in decent shape.  They regularly don't go over anything in the five to ten dollar range.  The game play is so much fun though. I think this game was ahead of its time (as the box reads prominently). Very similar to Chess, but a much easier learning curve. Basically it's a turn based game where the point of the game is to capture all of your players pieces. The little caption on the front of the box is gold! "Each piece is preprogrammed, yet you control every play". It's really easy to learn but tough to build strategy.

Now we move to a lesser known one that I never played as a kid. Actually I've only had enough time to play a quick round just to test the play style. It's a very basic, yet hard to master, turn based game.
I could explain all the rules, or I could just say it's chess, meets chinese checkers, meets a maze. I like that better. Very fun overall and I really like the play style. One thing I have to mention is the levels are movable on a turn to make the maze more of an obstacle for your opponent. You can't go wrong with the Font they used; Star Wars meets Battlestar Galactica.
Such a lovely array of red, blue, white and gray. Between these two I can't choose which one I like the best. Both have much different qualities. I highly recommend both of them.  Hope you enjoyed this episode of... The Robot Shelf.

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