Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The fun of Thrifting

Being a nerd and being a chronic thrift store shopper, or "thrifter" are usually two in the same. Although some trips only warrant a mediocre NES game, or a classic role playing book, you're retrieving another treasure to add to the pile nonetheless. Tonight was rather fruitful in many ways.  Whether it's the Super Mario Bros. Mushroom Tin my wife found me, or the complete 1977 GAMBLER board game I found, both have almost equal worth to me in their own way.
Some of the honorable mentions tonight include these 3 board games.  I found the other release of Terrace (with a hulking 10 lb board) and found that the boards were made in Lake Oswego, OR. Just minutes away from my old place of work. That one was only $2.99. You can't beat a brand new Lord of the Rings collectors edition checkers for less than seven dollars. It was only $2.99 for the Gambler Board game that ended up being complete and near perfect condition (no tears on any box corners)
Just look at those beautiful orbs of plastic.  Such an awesome game.  This 1992 Mensa edition mentions Star Trek TNG on the back of the box, rather than the front of the box on the 2nd release. Can't wait to use this as my main Terrace board now. It has the old Lake Oswego Oregon PO Box molded into the bottom of the board.

I am really excited about this one.  Horse racing! Lottery! Sweepstakes! Too many awesome things to mention. You can't beat the game pieces that resemble The Price is Right dollar signs. Here's a couple more shots of this beauty.
The icing on the cake of this thrift really came through in the electronics section. Not an  ex-rental. Not a beat to heck bottom of the closet charity piece. A pristine copy of Super Metroid for SNES, for much less than I was willing to pay for this gem. I've loved this game for years but have only beat it twice a long, long time ago.  Can't wait to get a new battery in there and revisit one of my favorite classics.  That's it for tonight folks. Good luck thrifting!


  1. shame thrift shops in portland are so lame. you've had way better luck than myself. most of the cool stuff i find is broken or missing pieces, and the choice stuff is snapped up seconds after it hits the shelves. how i miss the stores down south, where the general public isn't hip to all the hidden gems, and if the item is incomplete or in terrible shape, it ends up in the trash where it belongs.

  2. Might be a late reply but I wholly agree Brandon. I felt this way years ago and Portland is a hard place to thrift. It's all about the smaller areas. Clackamas, Oregon City, Hillsboro, etc. where I find some good stuff.