Saturday, January 15, 2011

Where do I put all this stuff!

It all started in the early 80's. Too much crap, not enough space to put it. After realizing that my room wasn't going to transform into a storage warehouse, I studied in the art of carefully stowing away my stuff to the best of the rooms ability. I was quite the engineer. He-Man, Ghostbusters, and Batman toys all lived happily together.

I tried throwing fits as a kid but my parents never gave in to let me store too many of my toys outside of my room. It was an awesome form of discipline because now I am much more reformed in my storage qualms. I live in a small house now but love it. Games and collectibles are stacked everywhere just how I like it.

As I grew older my skills grew even better. In this picture I had both a good NES and SNES collection but the games were all kept in my cabinet. Old toys were carefully kept in collector cases and plastic storage boxes. The secret to being a collector is to know your limit. At this time in my life I have more than enough games/collectibles and everything fits in it's place.
After reading this book I realized I wasn't alone.  I definitely wasn't a hoarder and realized my carefully stacked games and books around my computer area were just fine. It resembled a lot of the great examples of maximizing small places, portrayed in the book above, "Tokyo: a certain style". I highly recommend the book as it shows you don't need a large place to live to enjoy your hobbies. I currently live in a 650 sq. ft. home with my wonderful wife and couldn't be happier.
As you can see the top of my Ms. Pac-Man cabinet houses a wide selection of collectibles. It works great and utilizes the space to the best of it's ability.  When you find a nerd in a small living space there is usually an expertly arranged collection of toys, games, books, records, etc. Hope you liked the post and thanks for reading!

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