Monday, February 7, 2011

Odds and ends - The last of my 70's/80's board game collection.

It's all just a lot of plastic, wood, and cardboard but I have had so much fun lately revisiting the classic board games of my youth. Pictured above is the Wuzzles board game. Can't say I'm a fan now but I used to love these guys as a kid. I found this recently and couldn't pass it up for some strange reason.

After I set it up it all came back to me. I played the heck out of this in Kindergarten. It was always a quick setup and fun to play. I think I'll keep it around just for the sake of being a piece of my childhood.

The board was the best part. This one is in great shape and has all of it's plastic feet to hold it in place. The game is so painstakingly easy that I don't think I could really have a fun time playing this now as an adult. It was fun enough to just put it together and take some pictures.

Ah, Mastermind. Many hours on this one. Originally popularized in the 70's, this strategy game has endured through the decades.  Easy to learn but a lot of strategy is needed to "crack the code". I remember instead of using the names Code Maker and Code Breaker as given by the game, my friend and I would be the Gate Keeper and the Key Master to give it a Ghostbusters Spin.

If you don't feel like a full game of Scrabble but still want a fun word game, Scrabble Sentence Cube is good fun. This one came out in 1971 and is still holding up just fine. They don't make 'em like they used to.

As the winter ends I'm sure my fascination with board games will dwindle again, but until then, game on! The most recent purchase is a newer game called Forbidden Island (pictured above). A really well done variable adventure game. It also helps that it sounds like a game of the 80's. It really is like a blend of Forbidden Bridge and Fireball Island without all the plastic.

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