Saturday, September 3, 2011

My humble Transformers collection - Updated pictures of "The Robot Shelf"

I remember a lot of my friends having piles of Transformers toys during my childhood. I on the other hand only had one Transformer growing up. It wasn't that I wasn't a fan of the Transformers, it was more that i was into so many different toys at the time. I had a decent collection of He-Man when I was very young, and then it was all about The Real Ghostbusters. Since I was born in 1982 I noticed most of the older kids were really into The Transformers toys and had a ton of the playsets and bigger figures.  Luckily I had friends who had tons of these awesome guys, so I didn't miss out on the excellent series of Generation one toys.
Here he is. Dated 1987 Takara/Hasbro. For my only Transformers toy, Landfiill was great fun. He was a Target Master and came with two robot blasters (Silencer and Flintlock). I have since lost the guns and don't feel like forking over the $20-$30 it would cost to get them on Ebay. I'm happy with the condition I kept him in over the years. I cherished this guy and he had many battles with my Ghostbusters, Batman, and TMNT figures. 
In later years I still found myself really wanting to get Some Transformers figures to have in my collection. Not so much to play with, but more so to display and appreciate. Thanks to the 2001 release of the "Robots in Disguise' line, I was able to get some awesome Transformers at a nice price. My favorite of all was Prowl. I loved that the white car mode featured Japanese writing on the door and other intricate details. This was a proper reboot of the Transformers line. A few years later I found a G1 Hun-Gurr (two headed dino in pic) for a good price at a collector/antique show. One of my favorite harder to find G1 characters. 
Over the years I've still purchased a Transformer toy here and there. I really enjoyed the Myclone line of G1 characters (short Optimus Prime pictured). I would always get them used if they were in good shape at thrift stores. That G1 TopSpin (blue and grey) only cost me about $3. If you're looking to get started collecting Transformers, now is a great time. If you like the G1 line, There have been a number of re-issues through the years, and some can be had for next to nothing if sold loose.
The great thing about displaying Transformers, is they blend perfectly with other brightly colored robot toys, or any action figures for that matter. Anything from Robotech, Sectaurs, Voltron, or even Ultraman make a good match. Checking out will come in handy if you're trying to identify some of your Transformers toys. It's a great resource, as it's identified a lot of my classic and modern figures.
Everyone loves the 2003 Armada Unicron. Excuse this blurry picture, but it was the best I could get with his eyes and hand lights flashing. This guy won toy of the year in Toy Fair magazine, and basically made every old school Transformers fan stop what they were doing to go buy it. I didn't buy it initially thinking it was way too much money at the time ($50!). I luckily found this incomplete one for dirt cheap at a thrift store in 2006.Unicron has been reproduced a few times since then, and last year he got a great re-color for his most current release. He's more orange and features a brighter color scheme in relation to the original "Transformers: The Movie".  He now goes for over $200 in package.
     I may get a few more Transformers figures, but still, I have so many other figures from different lines. A G1 Jetfire would be a welcome addition. I recently uncovered my TMNT collection that I may share it on here in the near future. Thanks for reading!